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Terms and Conditions

Bridal Studio own this Web Site and all the material contained in this web site remains the property of Clervaux Limited, trading as Bridal Studio. You do not acquire any intellectual property rights in that material. All rights are reserved. You may download or print the material on this web site but only for your own individual use unless expressly stated in the web site. All trademarks and copyright notices as they appear on this web site must be included in any copy you make. Unless expressly stated in the web site, you must not adapt or amend any part of the material without the prior written consent of Clervaux Limited.

This website and the goods and services described in it are only intended for persons resident in New Zealand. Any matter arising between us will be heard by the New Zealand courts.

We cannot take responsibility for the maintenance of any of our designer's collections. They alone determine which of their styles will be available and which styles will be discontinued from production. They reserve the right to change any style, colour option, and order availability at any time. Our website is updated upon the manufacturer's notification.

Bridal Studio Limited reserves the right to change any information published online at any time without notice.  By using this site, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions and it is your responsibility that you check to ensure you are aware of the current terms and conditions.

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