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About Us

Choosing your bridal wear should be a fun and enchanting experience, topped with a touch of self-indulgence.

Over our years, we have established that every bride's style is unique. 
We will help you feel exquisite on your wedding day by ensuring your gown, and accessories complement each other to create your perfect look.

Taking inspiration from our church style building which is full of elegance and sophistication, Bridal Studio houses international designers such as Stella York, Essense of Australia, Madi Lane, Très Chic and our own label Valley Rose.

Whether you want couture, traditional or effortless, let us help create your look.

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Stylist Team


A Bridal Studio stylist’s top priority is to listen to a bride’s desires and concerns. Ensure you are making the right decision for the right reasons with our experienced stylists.

Our stylists understand gowns beyond the original design. A design change could perfect a bride’s look. Working with local seamstresses customising a gown has never been easier.

Creating a cohesive bridal outfit requires consideration of the entire event. Our stylists have a wealth of knowledge that doesn’t just cover the bridal party but also the finer details of wedding planning.

  • Opening hours
    We operate by booked appointment Wednesday - Sunday. Closed Monday and Tuesday. While we are in consultations we will close the doors, creating privacy. So browsing the Studio is not achievable during these appointments, in-between our consultations you may find the doors will be open and we welcome you in. If you are wanting to browse, we host Mooch and Mimosa one Sunday a month and we invite you to browse the Studio on this day. If you call and we do no answer, please leave a message on our answer phone and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Otherwise please email Please follow the links below to find out the Mooch and Mimosa dates and to book a consultation. Mooch and Mimosa Book Consultation
  • Do I need an appointment to try on gowns?
    Yes, you do need to make an appointment to try on any gowns in our Studio Click here to book
  • What appointments are available?
    First Bridal Try-on There is a $50 charge for your first consultation. Please allow up to an hour and a half for this appointment. During your time, the Stylist will assist and provide advice on the garments you try on. If you find your gown and pay the deposit required, we will credit back the try-on fee. Bridal Retry This is a great opportunity to revisit your shortlist or invite someone special to help make your decision. If you have returned within 6 months of your original appointment then these appointments are complimentary and are booked for an hour. If you come back after this 6 months timeframe, it will occur a new consultation fee of $50. ​ Bridesmaid/Ball Babes Try-on We no longer offer bridesmaids dresses as part of our service, we are currently selling our stock and are not able to place orders. These appointments are to try and purchase the samples that are available, which are priced at $99 each. The stock available are one off pieces and these could be end of lines. Due to this, it is very rare that we have more than one of the same dress in the same colour. There is no charge for this time however an appointment is required and weekend slots are limited. To book, we ask that you please email us
  • What happens if I need to cancel my appointment
    Due to the nature of the appointments we offer, we are required to implement a cancellation policy. We do understand that things pop up last minute however it can be hard to refill a last minute cancelled consultation. If you paid the consultation fee then we we will happily refund it with in these timeframes: Weekday appointments: If cancelled outside of the 24 hours prior to appointment. Weekend appointments: If cancelled outside of the 48hrs prior to appointment If you need to reschedule/cancel your appointment we ask you to please contact us via email or call 06) 3574923
  • How many guests can I bring to my appointments?
    Due to our lovely intimate space we invite to please bring up to 4 guests This limitation is mostly to create a positive experience for the bride. Too many outside opinions, while they may be constructive, can actually shadow the bride's vision. We also ask that your guests please arrive on time for your appointment.
  • Can I take photos of the gowns I am trying on?
    We allow photos to be taken however we ask that you talk to us about this before taking them. We also invite video calling to those who can’t join you.
  • ​Are there gowns that I can purchase off the rack?
    The collection “True Love - Samples For Sale” are some gowns available for immediate purchase. Often, more styles are available, so these gowns are best viewed in-store.
  • I have found my gown! What happens now?
    Congratulations, the hard part is over! A 50% deposit secures your gown, regardless of whether it is an order or a True Love sample. Payment options can be provided. We suggest ordering your gown 8 months before your wedding date. This allows enough time for the delivery of the gown and the alteration process. Rush options are available for most gowns but come at an extra cost.
  • What size do I order?
    Basically, leave that to us! Over the years we have talked to many brides in depth about bridal sizing and how it is very different to street wear sizing; so do not be alarmed when you do not fit your usual size. When trying on the gowns, we note the sizes and styles to ensure that the gowns come in the bride's size. Not all designers make their gowns in all sizes. The samples we have in the Studio will vary in size as we like to have an inclusive size range. This means that the sample gowns will not fit correctly however that is what we are there for! If you have a gown in mind you like to try, talk to your stylist about it and they can discuss the sizing options. If that particular gown will not work then they will place you in something very similar.
  • Who does my alterations?
    Bridal Studio does not offer the service of alterations however have some lovely recommendations. If you are in need of assistance for someone outside of the Manawatu area please ask us and we will gladly give you the details.
  • Am I buying a genuine product?
    Bridal Studio takes pride in only stocking high-quality garments. Our brands are well established in the global market and have excellent track records. They only ship their products to Authorised Retailers, so if you find a design online, you are purchasing a counterfeit product with no guarantee of quality.
  • What do I wear under my gown?
    This all depends on your gown. We can advise you on your best options during your appointment however for more details about shape-wear check out this link to the Pretty Happy Love blog from Essense of Australia!
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