About Us

The Bridal Studio will look after the whole you, from tiara to toes.

Choosing your bridal wear should be a fun and enchanting experience, with a touch of self-indulgence. We will help you to feel exquisite on your wedding day by ensuring your gown, bridesmaids and accessories complement each other to create your perfect look.

Bridal Studio is very lucky to have two locations, Napier and our flagship Palmerston North. Over Bridal Studio's years, we have established that every bride's style is unique. To provide for all our brides we have differentiated our two stores in terms of style. We do not stock the same gowns in each store. It is very important that you are viewing gowns under the correct store to see our selection in each province.

The Bridal Studio Teams works seamlessly together, using the strengths of each department for every appointment. 

Stylist Team


Listening to a bride's desires and concerns is the number one priority of a Bridal Studio Stylist. Working with one of our experienced Stylists will ensure you are making the right decision for the right reasons.

Collaborating with the Creative Team when necessary, a Bridal Studio Stylist understands the gowns beyond the original design to perfect the look for each individual bride.

Creating a cohesive look isn't just always what looks good inside the walls of the Bridal Studio. Our Stylists have a wealth of knowledge that covers not only the bridal industry but also the finer details of your wedding planning.

Creative Team - Palmerston North Only

Make your gown purchase with confidence, knowing you are in the safe hands of the Creative Team.

The team alter hundred's of gowns for Bridal Studio brides every year, completing standard alterations like fit, hem and bustles to custom alterations like straps, necklines and beading.

Alterations generally involve three appointments completed over two months. Shoes are required from the first and undergarments from the second fitting.


Does Palmerston North and Napier stock the same collections and designers?

Unfortunately they do not. If you are interested in a particular gown, collection or designer, please ensure that you are booking at the correct Studio. The designers are clearly identifiable under each location.

Do I need an appointment to try on gowns?

Yes, you do need to make an appointment to try on any gowns in both Studios. This is so we can have a fitting room and a Stylist available to help you. You can call or message to book in to either Studio or book for Napier via the portal

Napier - Our Napier Studio is a little unique with appointments and is open Saturday and Sunday by appointment only. Additional days will be added occasionally so please look at the calendar on the booking portal, open days are marked in pink.

To provide the privacy and time every bride deserves we will ask that you please not arrive too early to your consultation as we may have to send you off for a coffee (or wine)

What appointments are available?

First Bridal Try-on

For your first try-on there is a $50 charge. Allow up to an hour and a half. During this appointment the Stylist will assist and provide advice on the garments you try on. There is no charge for future try-on appointments within 6 months of first appointment. If you find your gown and pay the deposit required, we will waive the try-on fee.

Bridal Retry

This is a great opportunity to revisit your shortlist or invite someone special to help make your decision. If you have returned within 6 months of your original appointment then these appointments are complimentary and are booked for an hour.

Bridesmaid Try-on

Dependent on your party size, up to an hour and a half allows your bridal party to try our selection of Bridesmaids dresses. The $50 charge is once again waived if you purchase. Want to show the girls your gown at this appointment? Just let us know when you book in!

Alteration Fitting

These complimentary appointments are usually part of a series of three, the only charges come from work commissioned or accessories purchased. Fittings range from half an hour to an hour and a half.

Who should I bring to my appointments?

Please read the Covid-19 information for the latest update on social distancing requirements.
We ask that you limit your guests to 4 people at any appointment. This limitation is mostly to create a positive experience for the bride. Too many outside opinions, while they may be constructive, can actually shadow the bride's vision.

Can I take photos of the gowns I am trying on?

Unfortunately, as per conditions by our designers to protect their designs, photos are not allowed during the try-on process. Only once you have purchased your gown are photos permitted, allowing you to pick accessories, hair and make-up etc. Often we can also provide fabric samples to match colours throughout your wedding. We kindly ask that your guests respect our policies.

Are there gowns that can be purchased off the rack?

The collection True Love - Samples For Sale are some of the gowns available for immediate purchase. Sometimes there are more styles available however photos can be limited so it is best to come in to the Palmerston North Studio to view our full collection. Napier also have samples for sale but are separated a little differently on the website.

Am I buying a genuine product?

We take pride at the Bridal Studio in only stocking high quality garments. Our designers only ship their products to Authorised Retailers. The designs are intellectual property belonging to the respective brand and therefore if you purchase the same design from an unauthorised retailer, then you are ordering a counterfeit product from a company that is breaching international copyright laws. The brands we represent are well established in the global market and have good track records.

I have found my gown! What happens now?

Congratulations, the hard part is over!

Ordering your gown takes around 4.5 months unless rush charges or customisation have been added. It is recommended to have the gown here at least 6 weeks before the wedding day to allow time for alterations.

A 50% deposit will secure your gown. Payment options can be provided.

What size do I order?

Basically, leave that to us! It can pay to double check your gown is available in your size as not all gowns can be created in all sizes. To show which gowns are available above size 22, select Curvy Bridal in the filters. While these gowns are more flexible with their sizes, the in-store sample gown may not be in a curvy size. We can always try something similar if we don't have a certain gown close to your size. Please note that formal wear sizing is not the same as street sizing; do not be alarmed when you do not fit your usual size.

What if my gown needs alterations?

Palmerston North are lucky to have our own in-store Seamstress and Creative Team. They are available to make sure your gown is perfect from fitting, to straps and hems. Perfect your gown to your personal liking with changes such as lace or beading. Any alterations are an additional price to the gowns and will be charged separately on completion of the commissioned work.

If I purchase my gown from Napier, who does my alterations?

If you are prepared to come over to Palmerston North then we would love to complete your alterations, however there are some fantastic businesses in the Hawkes Bay that could help you. Your stylist will advise you on the best option for you and your gown during your consultation.

What do I wear under my gown?

This all depends on your gown. We can advise you on your best options during your appointment however for more details about shape-wear check out this link to the Pretty Happy Love blog from Essense of Australia!