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  • Perfection and purity is Bailey as she breaks away from tradition towards the, oh so cool, bridal look. Her stunning combination Aline meets fit and flare silhouette, is sleek and modern. Bailey’s botanical fabric leaves you breathless as it moves sinuously over her bodice which deepens into a sexy V, sheer bodice. With narrow shoulder straps tapering across the bust line with petite lace protruding ever so slightly to soften the clean lines of the bodice. Bailey is pure in her ivory jeweled tones not too similar of that of a pearl – smooth and spell bounding. To add a touch of drama, her perfection is reached with a detachable sheer tulle overskirt that gathers below a lower skirt seam for added volume and drama. As her train flows behind she shines under the evening stars as her special day draws to a close. 

  • Latte/Ivory

    Size 10 US

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