Here are some of the most common questions we've been asked over the years. Hopefully our responses will answer some of yours. If there's something you still need help with, please feel free to ask.

Is there a charge to try on wedding Gowns?There is a  ‘one off’ charge of $50 for a bride to try on wedding gowns. During this appointment the consultant will help, assist and suggest ideas for you to try on. There is no charge for future try-ons that the bride may have (provided it’s within 6 months of her first try-on appointment). During your first try-on, if you find your gown and pay the deposit required, we will waive the try on fee.

Do I need to make an appointment to try on Wedding gowns and Evening/Bridesmaid Dresses?
Yes you do need give us a call to make an appointment to try on gowns and dresses. This is so we can have a fitting room and a consultant available to help you.

Can I bring people in with me to my try ons?Yes your welcome to, however we do ask that you limit this to 2-3 people only.

Am I allowed to take photos of the gowns/dresses I am trying on?No sorry, photos/cameras are not allowed in the studio.

Do I need to know my dress size?Dresses of the same size from different bridal houses vary in their dimensions. We will accurately measure you to ensure that your gown is the perfect fit for you. If you are able to tell us your New Zealand dress size before your first try-on, it helps to guide us to the dresses that are most likely to be the closest fit. So in short, no you don't need to know your dress size.

How long does a try on appointment take?Allow yourself 1-1.5 hours for a bridal try on and 1 hour for a bridesmaids

Are the gowns available in any other colours?Most gowns can be ordered in either white or ivory. Particular ranges of our selection are also available in beautiful shades such as oysters, cafes, gold, champagnes etc . In some cases, certain features of the gown such as straps, belts and embellishments can be ordered in various shades to personalise your gown. This however is depending on the supplier and the fabric the gown is available in. Not all of our gowns are available in a large number of colours. Just ask one of our friendly staff.

What if my gown needs alterations?Here at the Bridal Studio we have our own very talented seamstress. She is available to make sure your gown is fitted to you from side seams to straps and hems etc. Changes to your gown like adding lace or removing some beading can also be done to your personal liking. All alterations are not included in the price of any gowns and will be charged separately.

How long will it take for my gown to arrive?Once your gown has been ordered, arrival at the studio is approximately 4-5 months. If however your wedding date is approaching within 4 months, a ‘rush’ charge can be placed on your gown to ensure that it is here on time for your day. Please note that the ‘rush’ charge is an additional charge. For alterations to be done on time we would like to have your gown with us in studio 5-6 weeks prior to your wedding to do any alterations you require. For your convenience can store your gown until your wedding day to avoid prying eyes and creases!

Where do I get my gown cleaned after my wedding day?We would suggest taking your gown to a friendly dry cleaners.


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